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The quality of life concept ensures a comprehensive and comparative understanding of the situation of different vulnerable groups in Europe in a single conceptual frame. Read more


Six quality of life quality domains are covered to provide a comprehensive basis for monitoring. Read more


A selection of outcome indicators allows for monitoring the risk of poverty and social exclusion in a cross-country and cross-time comparative way. Read more

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An easy-to-handle and flexible visualization tool helps users to explore the database and to detect cross-country and cross-time.

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About the IPOLIS project

IPOLIS is a comprehensive, multidimensional, cross-country and over-time comparative database on the quality of life of vulnerable groups in European societies.

Quality of life is multidimensional concept. It involves material living conditions, labour market participation, education and skills, health and risk behaviour, social connectedness and environmental quality.

While data and indicators in this field are easily available, IPOLIS provides at the same time an integrated, multidimensional frame for analyses and interpretation,  a selection of most relevant measures and a visulization tool to explore the database in a flexible, user-oriented way.

IPOLIS relies both on data from the European Statistical System and other surveys, databases.